The Palan Hotel which is located in the middle of the Palandoken Ski Resort is very close to the telfer and the gondolas. The guests who access the easy, intermediate, difficult and natural ski tracks with the telfer and the gondolas can ski from 2 thousand 900 meters downwards however they wish. The ski tracks are prepared previously and the risks of avalanche are decreased to the minimum level. The telephone and the Gprs devices receive signals at every point on the Palandoken Mountain. The longest distance of the ski track of the mountain which has 10 ski tracks other than the natural tracks is 8 thousand 100 meters. With this distance of the ski track there are few similar in the world. In the Palandoken Ski Resort, there are fully furnished mountain cafes as well where the guests can have hot drinks and rest between the ski tracks. You can enjoy the entertainment of the snowboard and the ski full of adrenalin together with the professional trainers of the Palan Hotel. The Palan Hotel did not forget the new beginners of the winter sports, the children and the old people. For them, the Palan Hotel which constructed a track area that is 50 meters away from the hotel building provides service in the two tracks which are named the Snow-Tube and the Baby-Lift. 

You can rest and taste all hot cold drinks in the Palan Café which is located in that area. The Palan Hotel is 5 Km away from the International Figure Skating Saloon and the Kiremitlik Jumping Towers. Easy access and tour opportunities to those centers are available. In Erzurum, you can perform the branches of the Winter Sports such as the Alpine Skiing, the Biathlon, the Ice Hockey, the Curling, the Ski Jumping, the Ski Running, the Combined Cross Country, the Artistic Figure Skating and the Short Track with all their equipment.