An unforgettable winter leisure where you can live the beauty of four seasons and unique nature together with hospitality of Palan Hotel where is located on Palandöken Mountains.


Erzurum… It is one the most popular sports city of Turkey and the World which has the honors of hosting Cross-Country Skiing, Youth World SkiingChampionship, Figure Skating Turkish Championship and World Univercity Winter Games. And Palan Hotel. The modern and popular life center of the city with its hospitality, different architecture, equipments, modernisation and activies. Palan Hotel, which was built in 1998 at the Palandöken Mountain with 7 floors, just made everybody’s mark with its name and became one the most important and well-known winter sports destination and accomodation alternative of Turkey by Russian, Asia and European countries and travel agencies. Under this success, it underlies to provide all the resources to the guest related to any kind of winter sports for its domestic and international guests. Here is Palan Hotel with its details.